The league for 2020 for all the divisions involved U13,14,15,17, has begun. Once again as we do every year are able to evaluate the players for the near and distant future since it is the goal not just to win games but to develop each player, either as individual and or  as  a team. That is why the work begins with the coaches as they are ready to correct the mistakes the players are making. to bring out the best in them as they continue with the progress of each player, the age and groups between the U13 and 14 are the most demanding since it is the right age to be able to correct players. Between the ages of 15 and 17 are on another level since the errors are minimal but the work is more intense, always concentrating on the technical part of football  and then the tactical part of football. 

Last Saturday we play at home against JW Academy, we played played well in all our age groups, It was observed that the U13 which is a new team with only 2 players from 2019 did very well. The others are new players who come from APAA Mayfair and where they are still developing.  The other age groups are the players that graduated from last year as this begins starts with the U13 players. They  passed From the U13 to the U14 and the U14 passed to the U15 and the U15 passed to the U17 as this continues year after year so that each player continues  to  develop according to the ages. That way they  continue to develop in all the elements that each game needs.

The result of the matches: 

U13 won 9 – 1

U14 won 3 – 2

U15 won 4 – 0

U17 won 2 – 1

We will continue with the work of all of the divisions and thus be able to continue with our development planning. Thanking all the relatives that were present to encourage and motivate all divisions, this academy becomes a family day when they play the league games. 

We will continue to inform