Wednesday 28 April was a very emotional day for me when I was recognised for my contribution in South Africa football. Thank you to the municipality representative Kagiso Moleko the head of development from Moretelemunicipality and thank you to,the Parliamentary Chair of Higher Education & Training, The Mayor office was also present as was the primary students of each of the schools in the area.

Through these lines I want to thank the Municipality of Moretele especially Kagiso for the recognition of my work in South Africa, during the three decades that I have been living in this fantastic country, with my family, my promise to the community is that in time I will organise the development of the players in the area since the talent is always throughout the country.
It exciting to listen to the music band and the songs that where sung. 

May God’s blessing continue in the Moretele community once again, thank you very much, it was an honour and I appreciate receiving this recognition.

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