The Augusto Palacios Apprentice Academy is a company consultant has offered the public these services, we have offer an opportunity to building coaches, players for the future and although the main focus of our company is football.

During 2005 I started of the Sport Company “Augusto Palacios Apprentice Academy.” We did this based on the fact that the general public were not aware who the individuals were and the coaching philosophy behind the SA football whether I should add my name to the title – but decided that the public simply have to identify and trust the head of the company. I believe that my name is synonymous with a commitment to South African football and the well-being thereof.
The company has not only offered the immediate public these services. But rather, we have offered an opportunity to budding coaches and soccer players a chance at employment and a better life through the Company and football.

Although the main focus of our company is football,  Please check our link below for further details..

At this time we do not have any formal sponsorship, and would like to appeal to all interested parties to please get in touch with us. Our company has the best interests of the community at heart. The objective of the company is sport and to develop sports people of all abilities. We consider the important elements to passion, experience, dedication, discipline and hard work.

The term “Apprentice” occurs in the current company name. We decided to use this as are looking to nurture talent from a very young age. Our players range from age 5 to 20 years old..

This is when the fundamentals are taught and are best absorbed by players. Young players are best to work with, as they are keen to learn – a principle which applies not only to football, but to all sports.

One element of the company that we try to encourage is a sense of family. My wife and children are very important to me and their opinion most certainly does shape the philosophy and direction of the Augusto Palacios Apprentice Academy company. Wherever I have coached or played the game, my family has travelled with me. My wife is the head of the financial department the Administration is from Ricardo Rosillo,  my daughter, Gabriela, is our legal consultant; my son, Augusto Jr. he is the marketing and entertainment, my son-in-law, Gareth he is always the MC in our closing ceremony all my family are helping in the academy is different occasion like Taryn  Kathya  and Jhonathan .

We try to foster a family attitude in the company too. Administrators, coaches, parents and players are all part of the company family – working to one common goal, all pulling in the same direction. The Company has expanded into a full-scale football consultancy to teams and coaches, and specialised coaching for individuals. Our coaches are all SAFA accredited, with not only coaching experience, but also playing experience. The company also offers:

  • Life skills to players from different ages
  • Since inception, the Company has achieved some notable success:
  • Coaches are assisted to update their qualifications, allowing them to gain more knowledge and them to further Their coaching experience.
  • We consult to Orlando Pirates FC Development Programme .
  • We conduct coaching clinics around the country.
  • We also helped to build team morale, build the physical condition of players and the tactical
  • Awareness of the teams for several outfits in the different school, amateur clubs, Vodacom League, First Division and Premier League.
  • We also undertook some individual, specialised player training.
  • We assisted players in getting back to full health after injury.
  • The Company also offers their services to clubs, schools, corporate and others (which are not necessarily Involved in football).

The company is also aware of its social responsibility. We have thus visited different areas like orphanages, old- Age homes, street children, prisons and hospitals to try and spread out skills and joy to those not as fortunate.

Players Development

Players development in general

The main objective of this sports company is to develop football specific athletic talent. The age group of the players ranges from 5 years old to adults. Our coaching is age and talent specific and we look to develop the skills of all players involved.

We believe that not to many players have the opportunity to develop in the early and also after, and we give this opportunity individual groups and also in the Academy that form part of the company , more information about the Academy you can go to Academy link.

The following is our target market:

  • Development Boys and Girls
  • Consultant Professional clubs
  • Consultant Amateur clubs
  • Consultants Academies
  • Administrator in sport and Football
  • Consultants and structures School of Excellence
  • Consultants Educational Institutions – Primary and High schools (Government & Private)
  • Consultants College
  • Consultants University
  • Development sport and Orphanages
  • Development and consultants Juvenile/ adults Detention/Rehabilitations Facilities
  • Other Organizations and Institutions
  • Coaching clinics/ seminaries /workshop
  • Prepared pre-season programme and any others programme
  • Development & growing  coaches amateur and professional
  • Courses (I am a SAFCA Instructor and Study towards the FIFA FUTURO qualification Instructors)
  • Upgrade new methods (according to the world football progression)
  • Life skills
  • All the matters concerning football (on and off the field)
  • Motivation and recovery injury players
  • Motivation and Individual training
  • Tactical, Technique, Physical training individual and group
  • Commercial advert from players and coaches
  • Prepared pre-season amateur and professional clubs/ organized tournament and league


The Company have SAFA qualify coaches with local and international experience. Coaches also is very important for the company because we development coaches from junior , amateurs and professional and the company brought equipment and others elements from overseas and locally but majority from overseas to also development all the coaches with the late technologies like audio like DVD Books etc.

All the coaches need to follow up the SAFA qualification and need to p-grade his level; all the coaches who have are currently working or have worked in the development structure have been part of Orlando Pirates FC. And Apprentice

Academy. Coaches that work before in the company in the moment , are success coaches in different PSL club and national team coaches