The graduation of players and does at any time either during the year at the end since they are observed different players from the entire academy from different age, there are no age limits.

These players will have asses , where each player is individually, show his talent not pressure all the teams from different ages groups from the Apprentice academy or development academy, so that these players can be evaluated during the year at the end of the year.

The different professional teams in their different divisions of the development club will observe and choose each player with their respective coaches which will inform the Director the days and venue where they will be evaluated.

Then the process continues throughout the year and the academy does its best , so that the all players have this opportunity is a graduated, that has sporting objectives which the opportunity is for everyone should not be discouraged when in case they are not chosen, you have to keep improving It is remembered that there is no age to progress and it is in a short and long term, there are players who have been in the academy for years and have not worried about graduation, if to play the beautiful game, time to play in another level will come if not the important thing is to play with passion and fair play.