• Change ideas
  • Begin with the basics
  • Know the objectives
  • Good communication
  • The relationship with the players’ family

Train the technical staff From a very early age I had the inclination to teach soccer from a small age where this was growing every year that grew and I formed both in education and sports,, especially football, concluding that that dream became reality that at my age today with 66 years I continue with the same enthusiasm and energy to do it now doing double work in Orlando Pirates FC and in my academy Augusto Palacios Apprentice Academy , that gave thanks to God since without him and my family could not continue doing it.

This work is not as easy as it is believed because it takes time,  patience, love and dedication to train each child individually and in a group.
During all these years I  had the ambition to train children of different ages and God has allowed it during all these years, I try to  remembering in Costa Rica (the Soccer Training School of Cartago) with children from 5 to 16 years later in Peru in Chiclayo school San Augustin (Cantolao championship) in Santa Marina Norte (Amateur team) as you can see I started to train from

an early age to young people that gives me the knowledge to understand the ages since the training of young players will need many elements such as:

  • Know how to listen
  • Understand players at all times
  • Know how to demonstrate
  • Know how to explain
  • Know how to correct
  • Know the players in all aspect
  • Winning is not the most important progress is more important

As you can see there are many things that need to be implemented and that makes the work is 24 hours practical, theoretical, research, preparation, organization and observe  the level of each players , as we can see is a job there is that to be always evaluating each player in his training  as individual and group saying that is a team that also play competition league .

Make the player  to be free to  express and communicated  since many children come from family that are very conceited that makes sometimes difficult since the shyness is present.
I have had all kinds of players of different characters and the social part as educational.
Glad to continue working on this training of players

Since I arrived in South Africa I have been able to develop many players with the help of my colleagues coaches are many who were   retired others, still playing and others continue development.
But the conclusion that I can inform truth my website to all friends of football as it happens with Augusto Palacios.

As  you can see I did not start the training of players here in South Africa, I start in all the country that I had the opportunity to played   there was always this opportunity, whether Peru, Costa Rica, Hong Kong, Finland, Venezuela is why I am glad to continue doing so already which is part of my life, my history and my family.
Which I will continue to do until God tells me until now no more you have fulfilled and  that is always the blessing I receive from him.

I already live in South Africa and with so many years I can be clear that I have the opportunity to develop many players that some are already retired, others continue to play at the professional level and others who continue with their development and they have little to do to become professional.

It is always stated that developing a player from 5 years to 15 years, is the best age and past this age players will not reach a good technical and tactical level is very difficult to develop it later. Priority in this age is the general technique of each player since all these elements can use it in the competitive aspect 11 vs 11.
We must remember that each player is different and his skills are also that’s why know each player well in all aspects and the best way is in early  age.

I am passionate and fanatic to the development of players at an early age next to each family but the family have to think that the development will reach adult player but at an early age and that football requires a very strong character.

My story will always continue the dream of each player to be professional players and play for his country and his development should be taken very seriously.

The strength and energy God will give me until he decides and gives me his blessing to be with him.