Is composed of a qualified staff that tries every day to put their knowledge and responsibility.

Most coaches come from Soweto and other cities of Johannesburg
Coaches who follow their learning development and are qualified by SAFA in different courses that they do.

The academy also upgrade all his coaches in the week with the  technical meetings that have weekly with the director of the academy Prof. Augusto Palacios where he follows the program that has for the year the program  divided in 3 phases that consists in the development of the players taking priority in the technical part that is the most important, then move to the Tactical part the physical part is taken into account for the players of 16 years up in basic form then we can evaluate the players monthly and observe the  progress  from each players.
We have a numbers of coaches per each age groups  o also the Goalkeeper coach  where every day inculcates all coaches to continue improving in their program that academia have.

This  technical session , has previous coaches that worked in the academy and now they are in different teams of the PSL , academies and clubs around South Africa and also in the  National Selection the academy not only develops players but also coaches and administrators we will give in this page to know the people that make possible that the academy improve and continue with the success that with  have during these 12 years.