Players Achievements

All the players that register in Apprentice do it with the message and objective to develop better some with natural talent and others that have the passion to play that is why the achievement of each one of them is to learn and to improve each day that reaches its culmination of playing on another level.

That’s why when your team wins league or cup games there are always players who come out and it is the individual achievement, as it played very well, scored goals, avoided goals by the opposing team etc. but at the end of the championship you win or lose but the more important is to development everyone to be a better player, development which is learning and is improving and that is the most important thing ,that is why each year at the end you will be given your evaluation technique and your diploma in the which demonstrates their individual achievement as I help their team play better and that is what is important for the academy.

The results are not important to win the games either friendly or in the league, each player’s progress is the greatest achievement. The academy recognizes the development of each player where they have to improve every day; it is the reason to register every year.

Logically, there will be players who will be the team’s scorers, and that is how the achievement that will lead them to continue developing their football is being a better player for the future. But not only who scorer everyone one can assist to played the game .
That’s why motivation is one of the most important elements in the development of each player
If it is lost, it is encouraged if it is won in the same way.

Apprentice Academy will always be your objective that each player achieve his dream of playing, learning and improving is never late to achieve the goal of playing the beautiful game.
Each player will also be motivated in each training, his evaluation is an achievement, playing in an achievement, attending all practices is an achievement, and then it will be the achievement to continue with the practice of football .

Having the confidence to be better is an achievement.
Then all the players have to learn and improve and it is an achievement.
The academy always happy to observe the players progressing then the academy achieve also .