Profile & Football Record


FULL NAME: Angel Augusto Palacios Valdivieso
DATE OF BIRTH: 23 December 1951
PLACE: Peru- Lima
PLAYING POSITION: Midfielder/Striker
RELIGION: Roman Catholic
COMPLETED STUDIES: Primary, Secondary/High
and Superior ITAE
(Institute Technique of
Administration of
Business) Lima- Peru

Technical director
Orlando Pirates FC
SAFA Instructor

Director of the Apprentice Academy
SAFCA - South African Football Coaching Association
Interim President



With great pleasure I present, ′my experiences in football′ with satisfaction of 58 years. I was trained as an athlete and especially as
a person. My experiences in soccer have gone through five stages:
I. student
II. junior and amateur player
III. Professional soccer player in Peru
IV. professional footballer abroad
V. coach, professional. In my country and abroad.
Each of them carried with great effort, sacrifice and self-improvement,
as well as support and advice of my family and my parents Celso and Carmen, as well as my brothers, Alejandro, David, Celso,
Guillermo and Carmen and then passing to a new married life with my wife Zoila and my dear children:
Gabriela and Augusto and my grandchildren Alessandro, Adriano, Mariella & Santiago, part of the family also my daughter in law Taryn and my Son in law Gareth.
I lived in different cultures, what made me more analytical, more cautious on and off the field, though it never was easy, it allowed
me greater sensitivity, patience and humility in my putter sports.



The periods of 1958 until 1964 were busy stages and championships. At my school REPUBLIC OF COLOMBIA 417 we had a very small field called ′canchita′of mini-soccer in our small yard, where after completing the classes; we trained hard despite being still small. This and the interest showed by the educational authorities motivated us a lot and also the large number of spectators and even the press.

At our young age we had interviews in newspapers, sports radio, news, etc.., we were given lots of attention and not to forget the divisions coaches were always looking to take the best players.
In high school, I went to study at the Mariano Melgar High School, what a great change, which numerous students!



A big challenge was to enter into second career having served fifteen years of age. Again my brothers Celso and Guillermo who played professionally and took me to the Club Sacachispas in Breña and then to the Olympic Sports Athletic Club (ADO), at this stage also nourished me of soccer social environment. Among my coaches was my uncle Pedro Valdivieso the popular ′dog′, famous striker for Sport Boys.Was delighted with the early professional advancement, to be elected the best player and second leading scorer for the Circle of Professional Journalists of Peru. It was a ceremony at the National Stadium where prizes were awarded to the
best athletes in all disciplines.



SPORTING CRISTAL (Peru):All previous preparation made safely from entering the first professional team SPORTING CRISTAL one of the big teams of the city of Lima. There must be complete dedication and it was very rewarding to participate in the Libertadores Cup and international matches with the invaluable experience of winning championships and runner-up.

ALIANZA LIMA (Peru): An incredible popularity institution, part of the famous classic, with a passionate crowd (fans) not only in Lima but throughout Peru. The Club was champion with Marcos Calderon, and enjoyed other in the Copa

JUAN AURCIH (Peru): It was the first time that I lived outside of Lima, was hard being away from family and the atmosphere of the city, but I found very nice people who gave me their love and friendship also tourist and historical places and gastronomy renowned. At the end of the day my life would be linked to changing landscape of realities and people.The team was the capital city of Chiclayo in Lambayeque, known as ′the northern cyclone′ I met the coach in July Melendez Calderon spoke with many of his triumphant experiences abroad (Boca Juniors-Argentina).

DEPORTIVO MUNICPAL (Peru): A team with great tradition and shared history with great players. Two experiences marked my passage by the City: the play in a playoff to save the professional team, which got beating Cienciano of Cuzco and was another unfortunate episode in the decentralized game against Alianza Lima where I dislocated my eardrum the left ear, this truncated I can keep playing at the Peruvian National Team. They were very sad moment for me and my family and I had to rest a long time but thank God I was able to continue playing.

SPORT BOYS Ass. (Peru): The team from the Port of Callao, an institution with great history, where my uncles called ′dogs Valdivieso′ Pedro and Guillermo, who I mentioned before, played in an outstanding manner.

I played this team twice; the first was for a short time, because I get an offer to play in Germany and immediately
traveled.The second occasion was memorable because with Professor Mark Calderon champions. Participate in the Libertadores Cup with great players again. I penetrate more with the team since then married and moved to the North Urb: Santa Marina Callao.



DEPORTIVO CARTAGINES (Cartago-Costa Rica): Cartago, ′the city of the potatos′, small town near San Jose became my first destination abroad. The honor of being chosen by the Circle of Journalists and broadcasters from Costa Rica as the best foreign player is one of the best memories of this country, and great emotion. My family and I had installed and my little children began to see other realities. Disputed the national championship game and play in CONCACAF with Central American countries.

CAROLINE HILL (Hong Kong city- Hong Kong): Coach and Play I went to Hong Kong in 1980-1981, fascinated by the prospect of a new continent, a culture rooted in centuries suddenly before me with its people, its food and an unfamiliar language. All differences however did not prevent the development of a great empathy among my friends Caroline Hill team and I, unable to pronounce my name as summarized in his own way with the nickname OGI.In football speed was vital, agility jumps in with its natural flexibility and good technique learned. The public flocked to the stadiums and when we reached the Viceroy Cup final.

There was also chosen as the best player on my team.Top 11 foreign players participated in a team that played against Boca Juniors with a Diego Armando Maradona was in the team.In this club I have the opportunity to apply my skills as a coach, for which I had prepared some time ago.

DEPORTIVO TACHIRA (Venezuela -San Cristobal): This time football took me to a warm tropical country. I was reacquainted with Professor Marcos Calderon again the coach.Venezuela went through a great moment in international football, other Peruvians also played then. Most importantly, this team is that during pre-season friendly matches played international team of high reputation, it was instrumental in the team's progress.

OFFENBACH KICKERS FC (Offenbach- Germany): The pre-season was in Austria. It was notable on this team work requiring physical as well as general discipline and organization.My game was deployed in various positions: and variety in attack. It was gratifying to play alongside Ube Bein then him when to play after for the national team of Germany.The climate of intense cold and snow would prepare me to my next destination.

KTP (Kotka- Finland): The football season is short with much incredible 40 under zero cold; winter has a few hours of summer light and vice versa. My family and I definitely had a great experience with the novelty of this country. I played as a midfielder and center forward sometimes. The physical was a priority in the development of the game ends. On the other hand I must say that joining the team was impressive.

CAMBERRA CITY OLYMPIC & GRIFFIN (Camberra-Australia): Coach and play Arrival in Australia in 1986 I found a country with many immigrants, also has extraordinary facilities for all sports, discipline and organization In the city of Camberra the club name Camberra City Olympic then change the name to Canberra City Griffin, team owners were Greek. My friend, the club secretary Tasso Samios and his family were very supportive during my stay. Monaco's team in the same
city was a tough opponent that was played with the ′derby′ that caused a lot of expectation.

My assistant Coach was Oscar Langoni Argentinean based in Camberra was another great friend who supported me in translations and other activities because my English was not very fluid. The team consisted of players of various nationalities. It was a great experience playing two seasons.

WITBANK BLACK ACES (Witbank -South Arica-): Coach and Play 1984- 1989 the country of things hard to believe, but beautiful and modern: South Africa. I had heard of soccer in countries like Cameroon, Nigeria, Morocco, and Egypt etc. Travel for a friendly match and demonstration to which I was inviting from Marcelo Houseman through Black Witbank Aces club.The South Africans are very skillful and quick, I was surprised when I played my first match against Jomo Cosmos in the city of Witbank to 143 km, from Johannesburg I am realizing that the football was not much tactics and much individualism, the team was trained at 18h00 because players worked other studying I had the opportunity to play the first Iwisa Spectacular in Orlando stadium, against Orlando Pirates the oldest and most popular team in the country the stadium was full.

AMAZULU FC (Durban South Africa-): I had the opportunity to play and coach a team of great culture and tradition of large swollen called the ZULU. It was a great experience in a short time to enjoy, as they achieve the aim of retaining the category.

MANNING RANGERS (Durban-South Africa): Coach and Play, This team gave me the thrill of playing my last match. , but in the match against Mamelodi Sundowns I register to play. Sundowns was a very strong team, so I forgot my forty years and shared with the audience and the players the last twenty five minutes of play and the win was for our team. Unforgettable!



The greatest honour is to represent my country at the national team. He had participated in the youth team in the American Youth Championship in Paraguay, very important event in previous issue notables as my brother Guillermo Palacios.



CLUBS: Centro Iqueño
Deportivo Sucha
Urbanización Palomino
El Carmen
SCHOOL: G.U.E Mariano Melgar
Republica de Colombia No. 417
INSTITUTED: Oratorio Salesianos



Club Country
Deportivo Cartagines Costa Rica
Caroline Hill Hong Kong
K.T.P. Finland
Deportivo Tachira Venezuela
Offenbach Kickers Germany
Witbank Black Aces South Africa
Amazulu FC South Africa
Canberra City Olympic/Griffin Australia
Manning Rangers South Africa


1970/1 - Member of the Peruvian Junior Team that finish third in the South America Junior Cup Asuncion
1971 - Paraguay (Juventud of America).
1972 - Member of the Peruvian senior National team in the CHIPER games Santiago- Chile between
1973 - Chile and Peru.
1975 - Member of the Peruvian Senior National Team for the Qualifying rounds of the World Cup in Germany 1974.
1976 - Member of the Peruvian Senior National team Peru Champions South America Cup.
1977 - Member of the Peruvian senior National team Qualify for the World cup Argentina 78
1981 - Member of the Peruvian Senior National team qualifying rounds of the World Cup Spain 82


1970 - Voted Best Player in the National Inter School Competition (Coca- Cola) trophy, diploma and medal.
1970 - Top Goal scorer in the National InterSchool Competition Trophies Diploma
1970 - Voted Best player in the Second Division professional club Atletico Deportivo
1970 - Olimpico ( ADO) Lima- Peru South America.
1970 - Voted top goal scorer club Atletico Deportivo Olimpico (ADO) Lima- Peru South America
1979 - Voted the best player in the second division professional by the Circle of Sport writers.
1981 - Voted Best Foreigner player in the professional league Costa Ricaclub Deportivo Cartagines named by
circle of sport writers
1982 - Chosen in the best XI selection of Hong Kong Professional league
1993 - Best player of the season in K.T.P club in Finland Nominated by the club members.
1999 - SOSCO-SSCA Recognition contribution to the Community Upliftment through Sport (trophy)
2000 - Orlando Pirates FC Recognition Most dedicated Discipline, committed andprofessional Coach (trophy)
2001 - Orlando Pirates FC Honour or Appreciation and Leadership Technical Director of development programme (trophy)
Orlando Pirates FC Recognition Most Dedicated Technical Director of development Programme (trophy)
2004 - Orlando Pirates FC RecognitionChairman Award Dr. Irvin Khoza Orlando Pirates FC recognition
2007 - Chairman Award Dr. Irvin Khoza Long Services.
2011 - Champion Gold medal Carling Cup
2012 - Champion PLS gold medal South Africa
2016 - CAF "A" Licence With SAFA


Atletico Deportivo Olimpico (ADO) profesional league Lima - Perú
Sporting Cristal Lima- Peru Runners-Up professional league Lima - Peru
League Champions Sporting Cristal Lima - Peru
Sporting Cristal professional league runners-up Lima - Peru
Alianza Lima profesional league Lima - Perú
Deportivo Cartagines professional league runners-up Cartago - Costa-Rica
Caroline Hill runners-up Viceroy Cup Hong Kong
Sport Boys Ass. Champions professional league Lima - Peru
"A" Player


1980/81 - Player and coach club Caroline Hill FC in Hong Kong final Viceroy Cup runners-up
1981 - Coach Ladies National Team of Kong Kong in the Asia Cup
1982 - Finland Coaching clinic programme in the school (Kotka)
1983 - Coach Club Santa Marina North Callao –Peru Third Division league Amateur Champions and promoted to second division.
 1984 - Coach and player Witbank Black Aces in Witbank South Africa
  1985 - Coach Deportivo Pucallpa Professional League Pucallpa – Peru,
1985 -  Coach and player Witbank Black Aces in Witbank South Africa
1986/87 - Australia coach and player  Canberra city Olympic -  Griffing
1988 - Coach and Players Witbank Black Aces FC professional league Witbank -South Africa
1989 - Coach of the Transvaal selection Side and winning the super “C” tournament (Natal, Free State, Cape Town, Gauteng)
1989 - Coach and player Witbank Black Aces in Witbank -  South Africa
1990 - Coach Iwisa kaizer Chiefs FC professional league South Africa wining three -Cups CastleCastle Challenge- Iwisa Spectacular
1990 - Charity- Castle XI and runner-up of the league
 1991 - Coach Fairways Star Qwa –Qwa professional leagues South Africa finish third in the league and
won the Fair play Award
1992 - Coach Mamelodi Sundowns professional league been runners up in three cups the Iwisaspectacular, BP top Eight and Castle Challenge.
1992 - Coach and Player Manning Rangers FC Professional league Durban South Africa.
 1992/94 - Team Manager/Coach South Africa National Team senior Bafana Bafana Qualifying rounds AFCAand World Cup U.S.A .94 -Technical Advice of the Juniors National team U/17 and U/20
1994 - Coach Gencirbirligy Professional league Ankara - Turkey
Coach kaizer Chiefs runners-up in The Iwisa spectacular and Coca-cola cup
1995 - Coach Moroka Swallows professional league South Africa.
1995 - Orlando Pirates Coach professional league and Technical director of Development
1995 - Coach Madibane high school from South Arica in the School World Cup host Lima-Peru semi-final
1996 - U/16 Physical trainer & team Manager South Africa Senior national team Bafana Bafana
1997/98 - Team Manager Riyadh Confederation Cup 97
Team Manager Bukina Fasso AFCA 98
Team Manager World Cup France 98
Coach South Africa National team under 20
Toulon cup France U/21 1998
1999/2000 - Head Coach COSAFA U/20 Champions 1999
Coach Final of the Africa youth Qualify U/20 Ethiopia Africa 2000
Head Coach South Africa head coach National team U20
Orlando Pirates Technical Director/Caretaker /coach and Physical trainer Technical of the professional team champions with the senior team.
Coach Charity spectacular Vodacom Challenge Cup
2001-2002 Orlando Pirates technical director
Champion international vodacom challenge
Head Coach Natonal team woman Bayana Bayana
National team convenor of the coaches Assesses
AFCON GANA and Nigeria
World cup Korea Japan
2003- 2017 Orlando Pirates FC
Different function and position
Technical director
Head Coach of the professional team
Caretaker coach first tram
Youth development Technical director
Champion Iwisa charity spectacular
Coach Champion Carling cup
Head Coach Champion the league
Youth champion league Soweto SAFA LFA U17/U19
Technical director CHAMPION 6 TIME Manchester United U/20 team final Manchester England
Technical director Twice International Gauteng Champion future champion U17
2015 Director and Technical director Augusto Palacios Apprentice Academy
2016 Orlando  Pirates Technical Director Youth development
Member of the technical committee
Caretaker coach of the professional team
Gauteng Future Champion  U17 champion
Development SAFA Soweto  LFA  league Jm  champion  U17 and U19
SAFCA  interim  president
And SAFCA  instructor
Director and Technical director Augusto Palacios Apprentice Academy
2017 Orlando  Pirates Technical Director Youth development
Member of the technical committee
Gauteng Future Champion  U17 champion
Development league JHB  champion  U17
SAFCA  interim  president
And SAFCA  instructor
Director and Technical director Augusto Palacios Apprentice Academy
Caretaker coach 2017 Orlando Pirates professional team
2018 Orlando  Pirates Technical Director Youth development
Gauteng CUP Future Champion  U17 champion
SAFA GDL  champion  U17
SAFCA  interim chairman
And SAFCA  instructor
Director and Technical director Augusto Palacios Apprentice Academy

It was time dream, to reach the largest selection, live international friendly matches, Copa America and World Cup qualification over the years 70 to 80. Then I confirmed the importance of further intensive training, avoiding holidays and long rallies and with tours in Europe and other continents.