–  ANEF (Association National Coaches Football) Lima- Peru Course  1979
–  Costa Rica, Education Recreation of Football Sport Institute. Course ( 1980

  • Costa Rica The best foreigner Player
    –  Advance Course Professional Sport Medicine and sport seminary Lima- Peru ( 1983)
  • Goalkeeper coaching Clinic Lima- Peru ( 1984)- Certificated attendance International course FUTURO FIFA coca-cola development programme JHB South Africa November 1993 ( I was coordinated of the course)
  • Certificated attendance international course FUTURO II FIFA Coaching Course November 2000 Vanderbiljpark – South Africa
  • International Coaching course- with good results. Germany Federation DFB 2000. “A’ License
  • Certificated attendance international course FUTURO III FIFA Coaching course October 2004 Maseru Lesotho
    –  Titular Diploma professional Football Coach Federation Peruvian of Football 2005.
    –  License of Professional football coach Equivalent Pro- Professional And  “A” License No.DT00712005-FPF 2005.
    –  Category Equivalent  Prof-  Professional  and License “A”  ( Federation Peruvian Football.)
    –  Certificated of participated Federation Peruvian of Football of the course of for the high level competition performance
    pedagogy 40 hours 2005
    –  Certificated attendance  international course FUTURO refreshers’ course of Coaching Instructor November 2006 Maputo Mozambique.
    –  Certificated Participated FIFA Goalkeeping international  Instructors seminar Tshwane Pretoria 2011 South Africa

-2014 SAFA International course “A” CAF License (SAFA HOUSE)

– I did several course Instructor for SAFA I did lecture in Course: Introduction, level 1

-Present I the President and Instructor of the SAFCA (South Africa Coaching Association)