As we celebrate Zambia for representing Africa with great achievement in the FIFA under-20 World Cup by advancing to the last eight, it is worth noting that they are deadly in front of goals.

Manyama deserves all the accolades but for coaches and club bosses if their teams are to do well, the need to properly develop players at an early age is key to solving our challenges hence starting as early as 6 years is the way to go

In all sport it is necessary a beginning or foundation just as in the school when the student begins his preprimary at the age of 6 and then to the primary at the age of 7 it is the same in the soccer the young age is begun to Discover the natural abilities and is still with the game position but at a young age can be corrected special the technical part and the tactics the player will know to listen then it is necessary to tell the truth not to deceive when we speak of development only to leave the step and is that SA has to change the page and see the reality since we have the youth who are hungry to learn and be a star in the future, but we do not guide him in the way that should be only we look at the players that have skills and dribbling characteristic of SA that if used in football ,but there are other important elements that the player at an early age must learn and correct and there is time to do it in practices and matches that is done weekly and this opinion is observed international Since young players are promoted in different clubs that we can always watch on TV.

We will see next week commenting on the beautiful game

Prof: Augusto Palacios