As the news filtered in that England under 20 national team won its first World Cup in 51 years when they beat Venezuela in the FIFA

Under-20 finals in Korea Republic a fortnight ago, the burning question was whether the fable-gang will be afforded an opportunity to showcase their talent when the demanding English Premiership League kickoff.

Arguably, the world’s most competitive league that pays its players well, the EPL has been every youngster’s dream.

And for English-born players to further showcase their talent in their home country bring so much joy to the youngsters who succeeded where most English national teams fails.

But like in South Africa, the influx of foreigners in England, will stifle their dreams. The PSL, which is also one of the richest leagues in the world, has done well in terms of exporting great players who have done well. But that has been done in the place of young South African players who deserves to shine too. Just like the English team, South Africa, under 20 boys took part in the World Cup where they were booted out in the first round.

Such grand tournaments should inspire our boys to be eager to play in the PSL but with teams in the league fighting for championships and others fighting for relegation, their chances are slim.

And that what kills these boys spirit and as a development director, it pains me that when the players have done well in showcasing their talents in front of the world, they are not recognized at their country of birth.

This demotivate even the upcoming youngsters and FIFA, need to do something about this because the teams like Arsenal  and top teams in South Africa will tell you about winning the league and totally forgetting about their youth products.

As the league is about to open in two months’ time, these players, who represented South Africa and England, are now stressed whether they will be afforded a chance to play and that is not supposed to be like that.

As the future of this country, they need to be give a priority, but not with so much at stakes. And that end up making our national senior teams weak because it’s being dominated by outsiders. And that is the reason why Bafana Bafana and England national team will not the senior world cup as emphasis is focused on money done development.

Will continue talk the beautiful game