The Augusto Palacios Apprentice is taking a break after a long year of nothing else but developing young talent.
Despite the financial challenges that hit us to bad, I must applaud my team for sticking together in ensuring we don’t run away from our objectives of exposing and polishing young talent in South Africa.
Taking the father figure role of guiding and molding this players from the age of five to 20 is no child’ play. It requires commitment, dedication and above all humility.
I also want to thank the parents of the players associated with the Apprentice and say to them-thank you.
Your support this year was great and I glad and proud of the commitment you guys showed in trusting me and my team to get the best out of this youngsters.
The long hours spend; the chilly weather and other factors didn’t deter you in supporting my vision of ensuring that the Apprentice remains the backdrop of South African soccer development.
The biggest talking point was the promotion of Lyle Foster to the Orlando Pirates senior side. A product of the Apprentice since the age of 11, Foster’ heroics motivated my players and their parents that dreams do come true. Also not forget the players are in the National team U17 LungileMakambi & Azola Tshobeni.
Looking ahead, the aim will be to produce more outstanding talent that will represent the Apprentice not only to club level but national teams.
The objective will be to further showcase that the Apprentice, that boasts itself of producing more than 20 players, is on the right track.
What we didn’t do rite we hope to do it better next year and as we open the doors again next year February for young new talent, the Apprentice is looking forward to a great year.
Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year of the Augusto Palacios Apprentice Academy and we produce to making it more spectacular next year young players are the future the SA football .
Will continue share the beautiful game