Another great achievement for the Augusto Palacios academy,  the academy has been participating for several years in the prestigious  Soweto football league  and we have had the honour of  playing in 3 divisions. Since it is regulation that we always participate, we normally have teams in 2 categories the U13 and U15 but this year we  gave opportunity to all players include the U17 which made us very happy with the evolution and development of our players, since this is most important thing about the development of players,  as they progress from one level to another that is the most important to win as it stimulates a winning character and prepares them mentality.

This is why we always believe in fair play and we know that the most important thing is to all them to reach a very competitive age developing all the elements that are needed to be a better players  in this year we returned to the U13 and U15 champions we definitely know how many players can reach a another level and especially also integrate into the selection of our country since we always have players in U17 and U20 who are called to represent South Africa, a good incentive to keep the players going

Congratulations to all the players and the technical team that have achieved this success we will continue working more for the benefit of South African football.

Thanking the  SAFA LFA Soweto, its presiding officer Phil, Secretary Peter and the Portia league coordinator for their hard work during the year,  well done, the academy will continue participating as it is also learned from other teams and academies and built  new friendship  between players, coaches and referees. In the same way all parents and family members, we thank for their support and for the motivation you gave to all the players during our practice and games, this  makes the academy grow and continue with its responsibility to continue developing players for a future in the short and long term.

We wish all of you the best for the next year have great faith, have the courage and confidence to
continue to advance in the development of your talent.

We played against different opponents this season, the games were difficult, but it is where the players learn develop better skills.

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