Following the practice this week and the effort and above all of a lot of dedication we can confidently say that as individual and as collective the players keep improving in their development.

We continue observing the technical and both the attack and defensive without neglecting the individual work that is done.  We look forward on Tuesdays since we get  to correct what is was seen during the week and that is why we are recording the matches so that I can do it to be able to have the visual observation of the players.

In the development teams that played in the SAFA SOWETO-LFA academy league as explained in other opportunities we have 4 categories conformed in U13, U14,
U15 and U17 continuity who can be observed.
Last week we played against the the well-formed and competitive academy Randburg

The results were as follows:

U13 won 4×2
U14 I win 3×2
U15 won 1×0
U17 Lose 3×2

As I always say, winning is a reward for the performance of each player and as a team it
the most important for their best performance weather they win or loose.

This week, Saturday, the Meadowlands play at Casa Mayfair another very organized
and competitive academy.

As  APAA development continues in the same way where the players are improving enough they have their own obligations to be better players they will play in the league of SAFA MAYFAIR LFA junior league which we participate in different categories such as uU12, U13, U15 , U17, U18 and the reserve .

They have also had good results playing with a different competitive teams , congratulations to all the players that continue to progress
for a good future.

This week Saturday is also played in Mayfair League, the reserve plays on Sunday
also in Mayfair.

All these players need the support and motivation of family members .
We will continue informing about the activities of the Augusto Palacios Academy

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