We continue to report on all the activities of the two leagues the  one is played in Soweto and the other in Mayfair. The development of the players is still improving and that is the problem as it is not easy to train them as the ages are different but the talent is in them.

The Mayfair league continues with all divisions the only one that does not play in the league is U10 but they do play friendly matches the other divisions that play are the U11 and 12 who join the U13, then the U14 and U15 are joined as well, following the U16 and U17 that play in U17 and completing the juniors are the U18 and U19 who play in U19 closing the reserve that are players from the U20 all these categories are played on weekends and demonstrate their skills and progress they learned in practice.

League in Soweto also continues with the other divisions that are the U13, U14 U15 and U17 it is very competitive league which the U13 and U14 are on the top of the league while the second U15 and U17 are in fifth position. in this league the competition is higher since the team we play have better structures than in the Mayfair but in the same way the development is the same, which is  technique it is the most important followed by tactics, all the players follow the same phases in their development.

This weekend we continue to play  the games in both leagues wishing all the players the best of luck at the same time also the coaches who are the ones who guide the players to make better players every day and also who continue in the discipline of all players and  the punctuality for practices, the best way of dressing using in academy uniform and knowing how to respect their colleagues and logically instilling how important the school is to the family and the support of they being is one of the elements in the practice of any sport.

We will continue informing, I will try to introduce players from all divisions so that in the future they can become professional players, keep reading this page