During the month of October the academy had a meeting with parents to inform them about the objectives of the academy as well as for them to ask questions, give opinions and recommendations, it was a good day.  Where I can inform you that change and new ideas are what makes the academy, we can be of the best if we are  able to take suggestions so that we can work together since with their support we can continue working and offer the best.  We are always grateful for the trust deposited in us when they register the players in the academy.

It was possible to inform several topics such as the education of the players, which is also important the part. Also the nutrition the food that the players must take before doing practices, the development of each player must always be discussed with them so that they have the family to motivate them, also about the schedules during the week that is the study time of the friends around them, the things of value that they should not bring to the academy during the practices, to take care of there uniforms , always take something to drink now be it water or soda that helps your energy since it is very hot.

The 2020 registration was reported.

about the closing ceremony that will be held on December 7 normal schedule. As you can see, there were also questions that were important to answer and this was done.

Coaches like Thuso, Tando and Morry were organizing.

Thanking all once again to those who had the responsibility to attend, the other meeting of the other groups is still pending since it cannot be done all together but before the closing all the groups finish we will have meetings to continue informing the parents. Once again, thank you very much

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