During all this time of playing and coaching soccer I have always listened ,read and watched the way players make mistakes,  players who have missed a penalty or missed a goal ,a player  who is either alone in front of the goal or did not receive a good pass, or if the player has lost the ball or if they don’t  change direction or if the player did not use the right foot. These observations and more than usual bad luck. But if we analyse these mistakes to see it is bad luck or not and I add will put and points and why?

When players develop from an  early age , some players do not  practice the elements that they must use during games, which are the basics but sometimes ignorance or knowledge are to blame. We only make them play soccer how it is played in the neighbourhood 5 against 5 ,7 against 7 etc. but the technical part is based on receiving and passing with both feet and in different ways, whether it is a stationary ball or in motion it is not done the way many coaches coach. It takes concentration  and time to use markers or cones and many balls, when it is not necessary to see the movements of the player or to know how to move with or without the ball, control and passing and to not keep the ball too long or how make a good decision etc. 

Taking a shot on goals,  knowing how to pass and to dribble a ball comes with practise, but as the players level increases  and he/she ages so do there skills , so here comes the important thing when promoting a player from the development stage to the professional team this development  he/she has to continue so that the player gets to the maximum level, these elements that we mentioned at the beginning is why the individual work is very important. It is important to know how to correct tases area but what happens when the is on pressure the players from the coaches in the professional teams to win a  title or a cups. They forget that since the team prepares for the weekend or half week matches, So you have a group of coaches in your  technical team that is responsible for doing this job, there are days when you only train once a day, so you have to take advantage of these days to work hard and repeat and learn from previous mistakes each player has made, age does not mean anything , learning is important in all ages, nothing stops  Sir Alex Ferguson. When I had the opportunity to be in Manchester. We played against United U15 in the Premier Cup.  He explained to me that when Cristiano Ronaldo arrived he was surprised, Cristiano arrived early and only trained only with the ball, without shooting free kicks, or doing speed control with the ball and without it and other things, then I created a technical team where each coach had to work with different positions that he played he had 3 or 4 coaches dedicated to that, it was a great job and it was reflected and that is why this individual work not only in the technical part but also in the physical and tactical aspects is very important is to improve in their ability and capacity to each player so let’s not blame the players who always have to work with them the work of a team and coaches is not 2 hours a day is is 24 hours away  there is a lot to do in soccer if they want to have success. Once you get to know each of their players and their skills, positions and the usefulness that each can provide in the team.


I am not the best coaches, I am just the person who learns every day, studies, observes, investigates, but does not copy what is not necessary, I am not glued to a laptop or computer to copy from other teams, but if I read, I analyze and I always like to record local matches and international to later see the difference and errors that exist in SA that is why the development of every player begins at an early age and already at an age of 13, 14 15 years the real talent is seen at 17 years old and this player must be integrated in training with the professional team and at 18 to debut and play but not promoted to them have on the bench or make let them play for a few minutes and then play full games and the word he is very young wrong I’m not generalizing since there are coaches who do believe In young players and they give him them the opportunity, it is my opinion that I manifest since I have had the opportunity to coach many young players who were later promoted to the professional teams and I continue doing  so  example ilke Lyle Foster Thabiso Monyane  and others .Also comments from the public and coaches, we do not have a strikers and Goalkeepers  is  wrong,  all the countries have it and in SA with 57 million population we have strikers and Goalkeepers , our fellow soccer friends to work and choose their coaching staff for him to work in this important part are the many coaches in the development structure who can use it and thus he will have more experience and are valued players . There are many talented players who at the same time sometimes coaches want to change their style of play or positions sometimes it can be given but not always when the philosophy of the Country and the team the style of play the culture the system and the player’s characteristic must be adapted to have better players useful to their teams as the national team we work on these elements in soccer that are important and our players can be better, coaches are not only the person that can win game we also to observe the display of his team and the players enjoy not to develop a robot because players are human and the problem sometime players like to play and agree with the coaches the way want them to play in different position that is not comfortable. I am always available to share football we are not perfect and we all make mistakes but always try to correct for the best interest of the team and the players it is important not stop his skill or abilities, players must enjoy playing soccer in the correct manner and use there  talent .

We will continue committing to football  

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