The academy wants to inform that we are awaiting for  the authorisation from SAFA and the government to be able to reopen the practices.

I know the desire of all the players and their families is to continue with the practices and continue with there development.

The academy is ready with all the protocols necessary regarding COVID19.

When we have the information, we will communicate it via our WhatsApp group, Facebook and our website.

We appreciate your patience, cooperation COVID19 has taken us all by surprise, health and life is the most important that is why following protocol by the authorities is very important to us.

We are hoping that COVID19 will be  completely gone and that a vaccine can arrive and thus continue our normal lives.

We are hoping to see all of you soon and so that we can continue practicing the most beloved sport in the world, soccer.

Greetings to all our players and families who always support this academy.