Football is always going to make good and bad news but in this opportunity, I will say according to my experience and write something that always catches my attention.

There is not a magic wand and no body has the power to predict that new  players that sign will change a team in a short time, sometimes it is a single player that changes the team psychologically.

Coaches believe that introducing all the new players must  be of Immediate and it is a mistake, always players are introduced gradually since that can also destroy the morale of the players that they may have in the club for several years.

That’s why when Pepe Guardiola changed Germany for England Manchester City he thought he could win the premier league immediately but it was not to be, that’s why the following season he realized that the players who had signed did not respond to the team 100 percent  with those who were in the club previously,  he now maintains the pace when he signs new  players, this helped him win the championship . 


But in football you can copy this process but as long as you have the right players to copy from and other international or local teams.

We must remember that players are  human beings are not robots, this is what we saw with Cristiano Ronaldo who took time to adapt to Juventus it was not about his age or his experience nor  the  different culture, system, style and other players that are in the teams’ the quality is not the same that Real Madrid have.

That is why it should also be observed in young players the form and time that it takes to introduce them to the professional team, very gradually in order to gain the confidence of the other players and know all the elements that are needed, the  opportunity will be come  but young players also need to understand they do not need to do not rush.

That is why this column is my opinion of  what happens in football when signing new players and the time it takes to adapt them to the new team.  

But do not forget about the coaches also need time to adapt like Pepe for  Manchester City and  Jorgen Klopp the new Liverpool coach and many more,  football is a process of short to long term, from young players to experience that become adults, everything goes together nothing can be different.

As learning does not only apply  to the younger players it also applies to the experienced players. 


We can see that in local soccer there are teams that are not winning competitions like they where years ago it is for all the reasons explained. 

Real Madrid this year has four new players and  some are not yet playing. The  coach says Flamengo Junior Brazilian is not ready yet, and that it is the responsibility of the coach to decide when he will be ,since the player was top class in Flamengo there we cannot say much since it influences many things that one does not know but in the long process the player will succeed when he is given the opportunity. 

In general, you have to know how many new players you bring into a team because those players are signed and the time to adapt is the best in planning.

I  will always be talk about football and my ideas, sometimes I do delay in writing weekly, but sometimes sports occupations do not give me time, but I will do what I can.

Let’s continue enjoying the beautiful game