After finishing a week of FIFA matches, we cannot compare the difference between international football and South African football. That is where we must accelerate the process of development and thus be able to form a mentality and philosophy of our own, since we are not close to reality. 

We can’t blame anyone, we can only learn every day and know that you can instill and teach as we do have the quality of players.

Elements that we must observe

– We must do many passes to get to the opposing area

– A lot of the ball is played in the back half of the field. 

– The mobility is very slow

– The marking and closed down becomes too far from the opponent

– There is no variation when taking a shot at the goals,  we do not take responsibility

– Set plays in attack and defence, we must practice more

– More number of players in attack

– know when the crosses bend to be made 

– The energy and mentality that when playing at home we must go out to respect our position at home

– Choose also the city where we play,  favour the altitude of JHB as the best

– Not playing for the public but for the country. 


There are many countries in the world that have improved a lot and continue to do so we must follow this path.

Countries as Holland and Germany are growing after the World Cup because they realized how bad they did. Holland that did not qualify and Germany that did bad on paper, they must work together to correct what was done as the competitions are still running.

In the same way in South America, if Messi is not going to play for Argentina then they must look for the a solution that must be given in short term.

They know how to correct there weakness and know that each step should be an improvement just like England and Spain.

That is why the leagues in each country must be very competitive as players are reaching there best level.

And finally we should not be wary of how many young players are included in the selection,  Spain and Germany players where 18 and 19 years, this is fruitful and South Africa must continue the same for players from an early age, instilling patriotism and that it is to know how to play for your Country, not for money. Now the teams and countries continue with their preparations.


We will continue challenging the beautiful game.