The Augusto Palacios academy begins a new stage this year with the start of  practices of the  2019 we have been developing players since 2005 we are celebrating 14 years of great responsibility and dedication the  players have all progressed from the day they registered. This shows that the work done by the technical team and the administration team is professional people who work with very hard.


This Saturday, February 9, begins the first practices, in Mayfair on Saturday each player registered player will receive his uniform and begin practice. Players of different ages will be located in different groups, players who have been with us for years will continue and the new ones that have registered will begin a new friendships in football and camaraderie as the new year begins.


Congratulations to those players who continue in the academy as new year begins as this years registration has been better than the last year, remembering that the basics of football is the paramount as is the technical part followed by the tactical part.  Since each player must know what to do when he has the ball and when he does not have it, the rest is playing as a team during practice.

Thank once again to the parents and guardians for the trusting us and have  placed there children into the academy where we are committed to continue working more every day and improve as well.


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