The practice has already begun at the Augusto  Palacios Academy, we began training  on the 9 February 2019 ,

I want to inform you about the enthusiasm  in all the players and we also observe the sacrifice of the parents, relatives & friends who come to observe their development of each of the players this is flattering because the support is great and one does know if these players at some point in the short or long term can become professional players, represented his country & performance overseas.

Congratulations to all who contribute to it.

All the groups already formed according to ages such as players from :
5 to 10 years old, Group U/10
11 to 12 years old, Group U/12
13 years old, Group U/13
14 and 15 years old, Group U/15
16 and 17 years old; Group U/17
18 and 19 years: Group U/19
Combination 18 years to 20 years, Reserve
Goalkeepers from all ages

We can see the all ages have to work together, so you can develop each player
and know which elements need to improvise.

There are players who have been at the academy for 3 years, and  others may be  less than as   Palacios Academy has been going on now for 14 years.

And next we will start  the league where players can learn their movements
when playing 11 vs 11 and especially know their role in attack and
defence is important to continue in the technical part that is the most

We will keep informing about the academy the registration is still open
always communicating to you through our Facebook page.
Cell number & WhatsApp  0829777335
Directions:  CNR. of Church & 10 Ave Dolphin Street. Mayfair

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