With great joy I have dedicate these lines to one of our colleagues, Coach
Thabo Senong ,who started  as coach at the Palacios
Academy, our friend has followed through with great dedication and effort with his career in football, that brings together the masses of all colors and abilities,
his work has not only been on the field but at the same time he has continued to studying advance in this difficult profession since learning fills you with more wisdom and that has helped him with his dedication and knowledge, he
has achieved the FIFA World Cup qualification Youth Soccer U20 to be
held in Poland from May 23 to June 15, 2019

Congratulations to ourtechnical team and players who achieved
with merit this classification that fills the country with pride, and also
FIFA has made the draw where it is our turn to play South Africa in
group F with Argentina, Korea Rep, and Portugal a  difficult but not
impossible group to move to the second round.

Thabo congratulations and we wish you well as you  continue the success and development of many players who have the aspiration to play for their country.
Good luck in the World Cup go with confidence that we have good
players and especially with the blessing of God

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