Returning to always talk about soccer my passion, many events have
happened during March and now April .

Firstly I was in my native country Peru in Lima where I had  to  renew  my
professional Coaching license, which I will renewed until 2020, it was an honour and pleasure to be with my former teammate now the football
manager of the Football Federation of Peru, Juan Carlos Oblitas was the influential person in my license, as I always said there is no age to continue studying and advance in all the qualifications that soccer gives you as it is the highest rating  “A” license in 2020 it will will be delivered together with FIFA and Commebol The Pro-license is is an honor to follow in Peru my qualifications notwithstanding that South Africa has also open its doors with  with SAFA and SAFCA.  As continue to provide my knowledge as an instructor  in soccer there are stages where you have to learn and grow as coaches. Most importantly one cannot be selfish to share their experience and knowledge. Soccer in Peru is growing every day. Many players are playing out of the country as a good incentive for every player who believes in himself and is ready sacrifices being away from his family  but always valuing his talent and so, in short and long term, the economic part does make the security to continue living comfortably. That is why with the past World Cup where Peru qualified after 32 years and now the players are being headhunted.

To thank the Football Federation of Peru with Juan Carlos and the
technical and administrative coordinators Piero Aviles and Johans Miñan
for all their attentions.

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