We want to say thank you to the  parents, guardian and families for the confidence you put in the academy, every day more players are registering and that is an encouragement and motivation for us, since new talents will emerge
and better players , the learning of soccer is very important focus.
Concentration and passion come together for them to play and learn all the
elements that the beautiful game requires.

Soon we will start Mayfair league where the players who register can be
evaluated and  continue their development  in the technical and tactical part.

From the age of 11 we are participating in the league, parents can enjoy
the development of each player and can encourage the team, groups
such as  U/ 12, U / 13, / U / 15, U / 17, U / 19 and the reserve team.

They will  start new friendship and fellowship between the players, and learn winning is not more important than the development, wining and losing is part of the football and not to forget  fair Play it is always necessary to consider it.

We can see that there are some players with very good power and talent
since we have to keep observing and developing each of them.
The coaches are doing a good job following  and the
established program is not just kicking a ball, it is the about the about the development of  each player in his weakness and his strength.

We can not forget the group of players who are from the ages of 4 until the
the age of 10 players, those who have a long-term dream of copying great players discover the fantasy of playing and celebrating when a goal is made, especially the important part of learning basic, you can not neglect the elements of the technique , they will play friendly matches with
different rivals the presence of parents and family is motivating.

We will be informing more about the league and the development of the

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