We had another family day at the  APAA with its closing of the year 2019 it was a family morning where coaches and family of players were together. We also had  on  two guests our friend Lucky Lekgwathi and our former player promoted to the professional team Orlando Pirates Thabiso Monyane ( he was developed from APAA from the age of 12 years old  and he represent SA in U17,U20 and U23 national team ) I was honored to have both of our guest , where everyone present later had the opportunity to take pictures and her autographs .This morning it  was with a short ceremony but full of emotions and joys the players each received a product from MILO and NESTLE which we are very grateful for to also thank Adidas for their contribution a well during the year.

Teams in all the different ages who were champions and reach who second in the league in the two leagues the Mayfair and Soweto league were awarded with their medals and trophies.

At the same time each player was awarded with his merit diploma and  technical evaluation.

Once again I would like to thank my wife Zoila and my children Gabriela and Augusto JR as well as my family members,  Gareth that he always collaborates as the ceremony master like Taryn Johnathan who also collaborates and  to Ricardo with his administrative skills which is always important.  To be associated with this family is a great honor and also thank you to my grandchildren .

It is with great pride and honor also one that Wilcher Dyasi  received the call up for the SA national team U17 who is only 15 years old  well done to him he has great prospect in SA football .

Always remembering and thanking all the parents of all players in APAA.

A year is gone and we will return in 2020 with more enthusiasm and dedication to continue developing all the players many thanks to all, so that this academy remains one of the best.

The triumphs and success will always be together the academy the players and family.

On behalf of APAA thank you very much

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