Having 5 teams in the Mayfair cup final, the Palacios Academy finished with great  of success all 5 teams where all in the top  3, they where U12, U15, U17, U13 and U19 some where champions and some  won the second position the competition was very successful especially with the all the support of the family of the players who attended, it was a sports and family day. Congratulations to all for the effort and passion the matches were held as follows.

U12 “B” played against UJ won the game 2×1 a very entertaining match and both teams showed their quality of football especially at this early age, congratulations to both teams especially to the APAA where they fought until the last minute it showed good character and well over everything the display that they chirped individually; and in a team guided by Coach Bongani.

U13 “B” lost in the last minute of the match 3×3 against African Stars in this match of many goals were scored both teams where evenly matched congratulations to both teams also mention the APAA coach Tshepo who did a good job.

U15 won 3×1 again Lenasia “B” where this match was also very tense until the end it was possible to observe individual players and in the team a very good performance by the team you can see the organization of APAA in its technical part.

Congratulation all the players and the coaches Kamogelo and Sifiso that continue developing players in this crucial age of 14 and 15 years.

U17  played against Kwandeni in this match, the tactical and physical part of the players could be observed more, they won 3 x2 and they fought until the end, the game  drew a lot of drama since both teams fought and were forced to win the game very well played. To all players and coach Lebogang.

Last match U19 against Florence APAA lost by 5×4 penalties here the goals were absent the match  ended the in 0x0 draw but then went on to the penalties. c C ongratulations coaches Maditse and Nhlanha an age already with the age of 18 to 19 years where maturity of the players is observed in all the elements that soccer requires.

With all these games culminated at the end, trophies and medals were handed out in one day of a lot of football was played , the excitement and encouragement by players, coaches, etc.

A year of soccer culminated with a lot of teaching and observation so that players can be better.

Congratulations to all the APAA coaches who were present helping and above all giving instructions to the players in the technical team that the academy has built.

In conclusion, the academy continues in its development of the players for all family members and coaches.

 Keep up the same dedication and commitment

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