On the 8th of  February  2020 at 9am another year of player development begins, players have already signed up  during these months and those who are going to signup during the year will have the opportunity to advance in their footbal career and to build there passion to play football.

APAA will open its doors to all girls and boys players from the age of 5 to 20 of years . We will be 15 years old this year and we will continue in the development of all players from different parts of the country where we thank all the families that give us this opportunity.  Some players haven’t been with us for  several years, they started from an early age others at different ages but always with the same enthusiasm.

APAA has developed players who are currently playing abroad and as local players  also mentioning Lyle Foster who is in Monaco , France, this team has lent him to Cercle Burge in Belgium and not to forget to mention Thabiso Monyane all of them have been playing for the APAA since they where 12 years old and more players who currently play in different teams. Our main objective is that the player is different from when he registered in the academy and that is our obligation. We will be informing you more about our activities and always with the passion and dedication of our Director Professor Augusto Palacios and his technical team and his competent administration that has for done so for many years.

Let’s continue to  offer the development of players in the beautiful sport that is football.

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