The players received their new kit of the year 2020. 

Relatives accompanied players, they were selected as always by ages with the groups already familiar with APAA in total we have 8 groups including goalkeepers. 

The coaches are ready with their program in which as always we do to evaluate new players like the previous ones to know what level they are able to play at. The technical part is the most important. We explain to all the players the structure and days’ and time that we use for practice so that stye could ass it  to their schedules.

This past week has been we have done a lot of individual evaluation at the same time integrating the new players. The   players recognition of themselves as a player and colleague in football and at the same time starting new friendships. Little by little, we will begin to identify the positions of each one player , but the most important thing is to work together and start with the relationship. Some more familiar since they have been in APAA from previous years and will continue with of their development. 

Registration is still open for all players from 5 to 20 years old girls and boys. We also have to consider that as every year we are preparing to play for the Mayfair league. 

Thanking once again to all the families that continue to place their trust in the academy to continue developing all the players so that in the future they can be better players and some will come to play professionally and at the same time represent their country. 

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