After a long time, we informed about the academy being closed during the  Pandemic, we stop all activities and then we started up again very late in the year with practice, but I am happy to continue inform your of our progress.  

Closing the year 2020 in which I cannot complete all the program as the pandemic has since the put everyone in a difficult situation, especially the sport which was stopped for many months and that it also affected the school year. But life goes on and we have to be optimistic and continue with our development of all players.

In this part of the development of the academy which has 4 divisions from U13 to U17 which we have players with very a good future ahead of them and that makes the hope of continuing to develop players look very bright.

Next year we will continue with the same enthusiasm and logically playing of the entire league and players graduating from one division to another what is motivating for the academy for players and coaches.

As well as players who unfortunately must leave the academy since they did not progress in the way they should . And this is competition in position and being in the ideal 11, although development is the process, but the spirit of struggle to grow from progress is very important since then soccer development becomes a business since you have to look for the best contracts to do so and take the family to another status.

That is why the 3 key components are the player, the family and the club, the guide is there since from early age it is necessary to guide them not only in the sports part but also in the educational and social part.

We closed this year with good results from players who made a lot of progress and continue their development in the future.

This year with divisions U13, U14, U15 and U17.

This academy is always open for players who want to show their talent

Will show the 4 division we have in the photos that publish next to this information 

We will continue to inform

Stay safety and blessing 

Prof Augusto Palacios