We apologise for not new and informing you about the APAA because the academy has been very busy with the practice and league games.

The development of the players continues on the is right on track with players already registered and those who are registering in the different programs continue to advance according to our plan and organisation at the same time we are taking the part in life skills where the players are instilled that family is important to have there parents in lives and that studying is important also keeping them away from alcohol drugs etc. We are also in asking the old players to talk to the younger players since in the APAA, players from 20 to 15 years old have been asked to enter into conversations with them.

In the football development part, we continue to aim for the players to improve their technical skills, which is the most important thing, especially at an early age.

The players work very enthusiastically which is very important and the duration of the practices must be of a good coaching since the force fulness and repetitions gives them the best development of these skills.
Now this development is combined with the league games that are played in the Mayfair SOWETO-LFA, as I said, results do not matter what is most important for development that we im

prove and get better as players that is the objective.
Always thanking all players parents for there trust in APAA, we will continue to develop all players, we will definitely see some players that in the future can become professional players

We will continue to inform
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