As this month that comes to an end we completed 45 days of training for this year, we started in the middle of February , where players from an early age began to improve their talent and with the enthusiasm that youth have to offer, despite the fact that the covi-19 is still a real danger but players take the due precaution and so does the academy also following the protocols.

It is interesting to observe the players from 5 to 6 years of age, the attention and concentration that they put into and how they enjoy the practices logically there is no pressure on them since they enjoy and playing the basics, in them is the most important and that is knowing the basics since at the same time identify the ball since that is their instrument to there imagination, creating and playing.

Older players are already more familiar, taking into account that we must always continue with the basics, starting with the easiest to grow in the most difficult, but the technique is the key to this development, we continue to insist on the technique logically slowly the tactical part since the competition is also important.

We are in the first phase where the technique is instilled more and also knowing how important it is to score goals in a different position than those that the players choose to play.
Previous coaches as well as some new ones are meeting the goals and adapting to the practices.
Practices continue on Thursdays at 4pm and Saturdays at 9am at the same place Mayfair
Always for any information Cell 0829777335 or 0798211900.

or our Facebook: @AugustoPalaciosApprenticeAcademy as well as Instagram @augustopalaciossappacademy.

The registration is still open at the same time as the practices, players from 5 to 20 years old can register.

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